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I enjoyed it so much that I soon spent one or two hours every day in front of the cam. Of course I learned new things about what men expect from a camgirl and what they like to see in a live show. I always like to respond to the wishes of the men. So it's just the best thing about cybersex when I can really get the guys excited and make their hottest fantasies come true!

About A Year Ago I Started As A VR Camgirl

I soon realized that there is one desire that most men have - they just love to watch two women fucking each other. And unfortunately I could not help you with that. Until Eva, my best friend, came by one afternoon, unannounced, when I was just back in front of the cam. I opened the door for her in my thong and otherwise naked, I had only thrown a kimono over me. Of course she saw immediately that she was disturbing and thought I had a man there. So I finally told her that I do Camsex. She was immediately totally curious and wanted to know more. Somehow one thing led to another, and I suggested that she should just have a look. Of course, at first I was embarrassed to do it virtually with the other men in front of her eyes. Then I saw, however, that her eyes were shining and she had secretly pushed her hand into her crotch. Now I suddenly remembered that most men like to watch two women making love. I got up, went to her, pulled her up and began to kiss her. At first she was totally frightened, but I managed to really carry them away. I rubbed her full breasts through her blouse, then removed her blouse and bra. Imperceptibly I moved with her more and more towards the desk where my webcam was. In the end we stood right in front of it. When I had just pulled her jeans down a little, including panties, and her pussy was rubbing, she noticed it. "Are we on the air?", she asked horrified. I didn't answer, instead I let a finger disappear in her totally wet cleft, and she had forgotten again that the webcam was recording everything. In the end, we both stood naked in front of the cam, kissing, stroking and kissing each other everywhere. She was the one who then had the idea to want to lick my pussy. With my legs apart I sat down on my chair, she kneeled down in front of it and with her deft tongue caused me such pleasure that I soon screamed and fidgeted and moaned. A great live show I, or rather we, offered the men that day. I would have liked to repeat this once, but unfortunately she didn't want to after the first time. Too bad!

My VR Camsite Experience

I have been a camgirl for quite a while now, and I am always happy when a man in sex chat has really dirty ideas that I can then implement live. Not that I even the fantasy for horny games before the Cam would be missing. But that's just the beauty of chatting, that I do not just somehow get it myself, but that two people find together, both horny, both uninhibited, and then exchange with each other and enrich each other with their ideas. What I also like to do, for example, is to tell the man in sex chat, how he should jerk off, while I show him something. There is for example a very simple trick to make sure that we can chat longer horny with each other. If he simply ties a cloth tightly around his balls, then they not only stand out wonderfully plump, but his cock also remains longer stiff, and I have more fun with it. But actually I wanted to tell you something completely different. So that the live flirt remains also correctly beautifully varied, I have myself in the course of the time a whole lot of attraction underwear and naturally also Sex toys acquired. Last week I was just back in the sex shop and got myself a pretty thick dildo. My pussy is not exactly tight, so I always need the slightly larger calibers for the dildos; and for the tails, by the way ... Anyway, when I was at home, I was of course eager to try this new dildo. It had a little something extra that I'll get to in a minute. But I didn't want to do it without male company. So I sat down in front of the cam. I did not have to wait long until someone came to me in the Sexchat. Without letting him have his say, I told him about my visit to the erotic shop and asked him if he would like to attend the inauguration of my new dildos. He was immediately eager for it. First I showed him the package and then I unpacked the dildo in front of the cam. He was totally shocked how massive the toy was and wrote me in the chat that he didn't think I could push it all the way inside me. I rubbed the clit first, until my pussy was really wet and already pulled strings. Then I made the legs wide and put the webcam right in between. So he could watch it in close-up live, as I slowly sank the thick dildo in the wet pussy. And he could also see exactly the clou at this dildo. It had a small branch, a clit finger, and so I could massage the clit at the same time and fuck myself with the dildo. I came twice during this live session in the chat; and the first time before him!

My First Virtual Reality Sexchat

I'm an old hand at chatting by now - but I remember my first chatting session very well, how excited I was back then. Now you're probably wondering what reason there is to get nervous during a chat. Well, maybe I should say for the sake of completeness that it was especially about a sex chat ... there are also other people who get nervous! I had already lived for a few months without a man and without sex. Well, almost completely without sex ... After I had separated from my boyfriend, I somehow lost the desire to get involved with a man again. But I admit, I missed the sex. And if I did it myself from time to time, with my hand or with my vibrator, then that was no comparison to a real fuck with a partner. Bringing these two things together didn't seem easy at all until I had an enlightenment. I would just try a sex chat! No sooner said than done. Registered I was fast. And because I'm a woman, but technically well-versed, I installed my webcam and registered for a video chat. If already, because already, I thought to myself. It did not take long until the first man appeared in my chat. He came straight to the point - and wanted me to undress naked in front of the cam. His brash appearance surprised me a bit, and as I said, I was quite excited anyway. But then I started to take off my t-shirt and jeans right away. My strip was not particularly exciting, I have to admit. Nevertheless, the stripping seemed to inspire the guy. Next he suggested I should just hold the webcam between my legs, he wanted to see my pussy. Luckily I had shaved my pussy immediately before. I noticed immediately how wet I was. The attention of a man had missed me very much, I noticed! My pussy was tingling pretty good, too. Without asking him, I immediately started to finger myself. He didn't complain, he even cheered me on.

At Some Point He Asked Me If I Had Any Sex Toys

Thereupon I took out my collection of dildos and vibrators and spread them out in front of the webcam so that he could choose something. He wanted however neither a dildo, nor a vibrator. He was probably not so keen on rubber tails ... Instead he liked my little vacuum pump best. I put it on the clit. A little bit of pumping and my clit was already huge and swollen and throbbing like crazy. It did not take long until I came. I should perhaps say until I came the first time, in my first sex chat ... I never thought much of what is commonly called cybersex until ... yes, until I met a really great man on the Internet. I was single at the time, not necessarily desperately looking for a partner, but certainly not averse to a new relationship. My girlfriend had given me the tip that I should look around on a website where she had already found a lot of sex contacts. She is more the type for hot nights without a firm commitment ... It doesn't cost anything to look around, I thought to myself - and when I saw Oliver's profile, I knew right away, you have to get to know this man! I wrote to him, he answered, we chatted a little and got closer and closer. But he lived much too far away for us to meet like this. But we had already gone quite far in the chat. It was the first time that I did it myself and a man was there; even though he wasn't actually there, but through the chat we were already connected and I just wanted more. That's why I immediately got involved when he suggested that we should try a video chat with Cam. I immediately bought a Cam. Right at our first sex chat with webcam he asked me to do it again like in the chat - only this time just in front of the cam. Thereupon I put the webcam on the table and first of all a horny strip. Then I made myself comfortable on the sofa, the webcam right between my legs, with wide spread thighs, and I rubbed and massaged the clit in front of his eyes, first one, then two, then three fingers pushed me inside, and what you do as a woman masturbating so everything. Actually I had intended to extend this for a long time with my masturbation in front of the cam.

He Had His VR Webcam Turned On

Of course, directly on his cock and balls, with which he played all the time. That made me really horny very quickly and I came much faster than planned. He did too, by the way; and a little bit of his cream was sprayed on the webcam, I found that funny! Well, it also put me in the mood again, because we women can come several times in a row without any problems and very quickly, and the second time I lasted much longer. But until I came again, he was really horny again. We have enjoyed our first webcam sex extensively! But in the meantime we don't need that anymore - because now we have been living together for a long time; I moved in with him three months ago. Now we really do it together and don't need a webcam anymore!


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Czech VR 078 VR

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Happy Camper VR

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Motherly Love VR

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